Safety is our number one Priority!
You must be 10yrs or older to play.
Our goal is to provide a great outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy. Paintball is a very safe activity if all rules and regulations are followed. All rules and regulations are to create a safe enviroment for enjoyment of the game. Before each game, all participants will be given detailed instructions on our field safety rules and regulations. (See below) You will need to sign off on the rules before you are allowed access onto the fields of play. There will be no warnings issued about the rules. If you are caught breaking any rule at any time, for your safety and the safety of others, you will be dismissed (or even physically removed {see below} if in immidiate danger) from the field and will not be able to participate for the rest of the day. No refunds will be given!
Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol is never allowed on the property or parking lot!
Field rules and regulations.
Protected face mask must always be worn inside the playing fields!
Marker barrel socks must be on at all times outside the playing fields!
Do not point marker at anything you do not intend to shoot!
Field Refs have the final word. NO ARGUING!
Obey all posted signs!
Make sure you see what you are shooting! No blind firing!
Paintball must break in order for you to be eliminated! Splatters do not count, Ref will make the call.
No vulger/foul language!
Absolutely no execution style shots!
20 foot surrender rule. If you come upon someone at close range from behind them and they are not aware of your presence, you must give the option to surrender!
Never pick up paintballs from the ground to use in marker!
Physical contact between players is not allowed! (see below)
Players may never climb trees!
When eliminated, make your way off the playing field with your gun in the air with barrel sock on. Make sure you verbally state you are eliminated.
Always be aware of terrain and surroundings.
Only Paintballs purchased from our office are allowed.
We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Have fun!
 Note: We do not allow physical contact between players on the field. However, due to the nature of the sport of paintball, a player may be physically restrained or removed from field by a referee or player if he/she is in immediate danger to themself or someone else.