We will have a slight price increase beginning September 1 2024
(Paint prices are expected to stay the same. We will need to go up on our entry fees that will effect the price of the rental packages. Rental packages will go to $40 per person and own gear entry fees will be $17 a person. Airsoft entry will be $20 a person. Gel Blaster will be $15 per person. We will still continue to be the cheapest place to play paintball in Central Texas)
This is for everyone who thinks they know all things about paintball.
1. All paintball parks are different. Do not assume because one park does something one way that all parks do it that way. We are privately owned and run independant from any other paintball organization. Our rules and guide lines are dictated by our insurance company. We will not alter them because you think you "know" everything about paintball! Play by our field rules or do not play at all.
2. If you have your own equipment, come prepared. We are not in the business of loaning equipment out. If you forget something you will have to buy a new one, i.e. barrel covers, hoppers, etc. The only thing that we rent out are guns, masks and tanks. NO EXCEPTIONS. Yes I know other fields do it, but go back to the top of this page and read again.
3. Do not alter rental equipment in any way. Only field staff are authorized to remove air tanks, hoppers, barrels, etc. from guns. If you are caught tampering with the rental equipment in any way, you will be dismissed from play for the rest of the day. We do not care if you have a better barrel, hopper, etc. to use. Our rental guns are not to be modified in any way!
4. It will cost you to have your personal gun looked at because you forgot to clean it the last time you played and now it does not work. If you do not want to pay for repairs or for a rental gun, you will be dismissed from the field of play. We will not allow guns that are not properly working on the playing fields. Take care of your equipment.
5. Field paint only.  You CAN NOT bring your own paint. Once again, NO EXCEPTIONS! Our staff will know!
6. Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol is never permitted at our facility.