Pay for weekday reservations here.
$100 non refundable fee/deposit required.
(Deposit does not cover paintball playing fees or rentals)
Minimun number of players is 10 for weekday reservations.
If you show up with less than 10 players, you will be turned away!
Groups that have 10-19 players have a MAXIMUM of 3 hrs to play. No exceptions.
20 or more players no time limit up til 6:00pm.
Time starts at time the reservation was made for.
If you are late you will have less time to play.
72 hours advanced notice required.
(Airfield is closed during the week)
Weekday reservation pay form:
Reservation date:
Reservation quantity:
Weekdays we are not available or already reserved.
Monday Oct 29 2018
Tuesday Oct 30 2018
Wednesday Oct 31 2018
Thursday Nov 1 2018
Friday Nov 2 2018