Valken ZERO-G V2 68/4500 Paintball Compressed Air System


The new Valken ZERO-G V2 paintball compressed air system offers world-class performance, all the important features and a sleek, attractive look! This new paintball compressed air tank is ideal for any serious paintball player with a 68 cubic inch, 4500psi air bottle with a clean glossy gel-coat finish and a 5 year hydro test. Atop the new Valken Zero-G V2 paintball air tank is the new, updated Valken regulator with an 850psi pressure output constructed from hardened aluminum and featuring dual burst disks for added safety and a chromed low-profile micro pressure gauge. Reliable, consistent and affordable, the new Valken ZERO-G V2 paintball compressed air system is the perfect power source for any serious paintball player!

New Valken ZERO-G V2 lightweight design 68 cu carbon fiber cylinder
Cylinder proudly Made in the USA
Durable gel coat finish
DOT and TC compliant
5 year hydro test and 15 year life cylinder
850psi output pressure high flow regulator
Dual burst disks-HP and LP for maximum safety
Hardened aluminum, modular bonnet design
Chrome micro gauge and fill nipple