Dye LT-R Paintball Loader - Black

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Proven at the highest levels of the game to deliver reliable feeding to even the fastest, highest-performance tournament paintball guns at the professional paintball level, the Dye Rotor paintball loader redefined the high-end loader market and now the LT-R brings that performance to players at any level at an amazing price! Powered by 3 AA batteries and holding 200 paintballs, the Dye LT-R weights barely a pound and is simple to clean and maintain without tools! Offering impressive paintball loader performance at an even more impressive price any player can afford, the Dye LT-R is an outstanding paintball loader from a trusted brand thatís no stranger to winning!
Unparalleled feed rate
Anti-Jam Trigger
Quick Feed sold separately
Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology, 30+ balls per second.
Toolless disassembly; completely break down the Rotor without any tools.
Sharkfin Jam Release Trigger effortlessly gets you back in the action in the event of oversized or out-of-round paint.
Water-resistant coated board
Adjustable torque feature allows the user to fine-tune torque settings manually with an allen wrench.
Battery life of over 80, 000+ ball shot count with only 3 AA batteries.
Blackops feature enables you to turn the indicator LED off during those night or lowlight games.