We frequently get asked if players can bring their own paintballs into our facility. The answer is simply NO. Here is why.
  1st.  Simply put, you are stealing from the company.
  2nd.  There are hundreds of styles of paintballs from many different manufacturers. There are a lot of good paintballs and a lot of not so good paintballs. The only true way (in our opinon) to play recreation paintball safely is for each player to use the same paintball. At our field the paintballs are always fresh, therefore it breaks easily. Also some paintballs stain clothing and are not biodegradable. We have no way of montering paintballs brought in from somewhere else to know if it is a fresh good quality paintball. Paintballs that get old tend to harden at the shell, and hurt and bruise more than a paintball that is fresh and breaks easily. For that reason we reached out to our suppliers and we tested dozens of paintballs. Gi Sportz makes custom blend paintballs that only fields can buy to ensure the field is protected from outside paintballs being used at the facility. We use a paintball that works great in any weather and any marker whether it is a rental or a high end tournament gun that breaks easily upon impact to help reduce the pain and bruising. The custom paintballs we use are biodegrable and will not stain fabric, upholstry or any other surface.
You will be ejected from the fields of play!
You will be asked to leave the facility!
No warnings will be issued!
No refunds will be issued!